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About me

I have loved clay since first touch; I feel connected to all of the elements (earth, air, fire, water) plus the mineral world. I love the transformation by fire with Raku, pit fire and salt techniques. My passion for figure sculpture emerged out of ceramics work over 30 years ago and I continue to find tremendous beauty & emotion in figurative work. Recently I started experimenting  with surface coloring and textured finishes, as well as more expressive and narrative work. 

I have an M.A. in Art Therapy and worked in the field for years before returning to graduate school. I became a clinical neuropsychologist and worked for over 25 years in rehabilitation, teaching, supervising, assessment and private practice. I recently retired, with the goal of dedicating more time & energy to my passion of figure sculpture. For over 20 years, I have worked from the life model with sculptors in Marin. I am so grateful for their support, creative community, inspiration & friendship. 

I have learned from Tebby George, Martine Vaugel, Michelle Gregor, Debra Fritts and others in workshops. I am grateful for the Samuel Fleisher Art Memorial in South Philly for my first dive into figurative work. 


Renaissance: Remember, Rise, Revitalize; Juried Fine Art Exhibition at the Pacific Grove Public Library, curated by Christine Crozier 2022    

Monterey County Artists Studio Tour, Pacific Grove, CA October 2022 

Women in Art, Group Exhibition; Las Laguna Art Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA 2022

Pop-Up Show ; Artisana Gallery, Pacific Grove, CA  August, 2022

Renewal, Juried Art Exhibition at the Pacific Grove Public Library, curated by Christine Crozier 2021021

Pop-Up Show ; Artisana Gallery, Pacific Grove, CA  August, 2021

Monterey County Artists Studio Tour, Pacific Grove, CA October 2021

Cancer: Never Give Up ( Gallerium Art Exhibition & Publication) 2021 

Member Exhibition, 2019 , Richmond Art Center, Richmond, CA

Member Exhibition, 2018 , Richmond Art Center, Richmond, CA

East Bay Open Studios, 2018 Oakland, CA 

Member Exhibition, 2014 , Richmond Art Center, Richmond, CA

Pro Arts East Bay Open Studios, 2003, Oakland, CA

Pro Arts East Bay Open Studios, 2000, Oakland, CA

The Active Edge Exhibition, 1999, LVA Lesbians in the Visual Arts, SF, CA





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